Hello from Vermont!
The pictures above are from Lake Champlain, if you look close you can see “Champ” the loch ness monster behind us. Anyways we had a great time on the lake and were in town for the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival. After the festival we took Madison to the ECHO Aquarium where she fell in love with fish! Next on the list of photos was Moss Glen Falls. We drove an hour to get there and as we arrived it started to rain 😦 We checked the radar report and it showed major storms moving our way so we grabbed the umbrellas and ran to see the falls anyway for some pictures. Luckily we made it out just in time however we felt like it wasn’t as bad of a storm as the radar showed until we made our way back to the campground and saw huge trees and power lines on the ground and our camper without power.
PS. if your still looking for “Champ” in the photos we were just kidding πŸ™‚
We will be updating the blog again within the next day with a Where’s Madison question so be ready!