Where to begin? We have finally tried some boondocking “dry camping”. On our way to Canada we took the scenic Route 1, our last stop on the route was Reversing Falls in Pembroke, ME. It was getting late so we decided to stay the night and give boondocking a try. For those of you that don’t know, basically that just means we have no electrical or water hookup. Luckily we have a fresh water tank that holds 51 gallons of water which can hold us over for a few days. Pictured below is our set up while we were there.


That night we took a walk to the water to watch the Reversing Falls. The powerful currents of the tidal waters filling and draining in Cobscook Bay create a phenomenon the locals know as Reversing Falls.






While we were watching the tide we noticed three seals in the water! An amazing sight we won’t soon forget. We also saw the great northern loon “Common Loon”. This small sea-duck is black-and-white in color and swims/dives for fish.




After a long day, and because we were being attacked by bugs we went inside to enjoy the view of nature through are windows. The next morning we woke to find a beautiful sky and the temperature on the rise so we began our journey to Canada.