Welcome to Canada


The three of us made it to Canada! Customs was a piece of cake and Madison got her second passport stamp. We headed up the coast to St. Johns, New Brunswick and stayed one night at Rockwood Park Campground. The next morning we awoke to a dense fog but decided to try and sight see anyway. We ended up at the St. Martins Caves. The sandstone caves are carved by the Bay of Fundy tides. We had fun checking out the local shops, saw a light house, and sat by the waterside watching the tide. It was getting late and with the gas prices, groceries, and campsites being almost double in cost we decided to say “Screw Canada” and headed back to the Reversing Falls in Maine.






We got back to the Reversing Falls around 9:30PM on a Thursday night and almost ran over a scared porcupine. After setting up we finally settled in around 10PM. We planned on boondocking there until Sunday but boy were we in for a long night on Friday. Turns out the Reversing Falls is the local teenage hang out on a Friday night. A bunch of kids showed up and decided to celebrate the 4th of July all over again. And we aren’t talking about fire crackers, they had the professional fireworks including quarter sticks of dynamite. While we are all for fireworks, especially over a beautiful lake, having a 4 month old sleeping made us worry. She ended up sleeping through the chaos but our dog Molly was having a panic attack every time they set off fireworks. She even tried to jump in bed with us! This made for a LONG night, and the next day we decided to move on to the next location.