Virginia Military Bases

Hi Everyone,

This update is about our stay in Virginia. We stayed at two different bases and took a day trip to another. Some information will be left out due to the fact that these are active and very secure bases…

Base 1, this is also home to one of the seal teams and where we spent Labor Day weekend. The people on this base were very friendly and more then welcoming. We spent one night chatting away at the community campfire. Madison made quite a few new friends (there were tons of little girls staying at the campground). We tried to get a photo of all the girls visiting Madison but they were running all over the place so we couldn’t get a good shot!


Pictured below is a small number of ships stationed at this harbor.

Here we were able to drive on the dock and get as close as we wanted to the boats.


This is a photo from the flight line, we were surprised to see some wild foxes…


Jon managed to talk his way past the guards on the flight line and the whole family was able to walk inside a F-18 hanger and take a quick photo under the wing of one being repaired. There we about ten F-18’s inside and all of them were opened up and being worked on.


These are some photos from the second base where we stayed right on the beach. I just happen to also know a Marine Officer stationed here and we were lucky enough to have dinner with him. This base is also home to another Seal Team.


We were also able to watch drones fire rockets from the right behind our camper. No words can describe how cool that was! Our camper is about 20 feet to the left of this sign.


The rest of these photos are of our time spent on the beach where the whole family could play together. This is also the same beach that the drones used to fire rockets into the ocean.









Stay tuned for our next post about Fort Bragg…..