Camp Lejeune

The Tompkins Family spent the last week on Onslow Beach in Camp Lejeune. We were happy to spend time at one of the many bases that Jon was stationed at. As much as we wanted to drive around and see the base, we kept ending up at the beach enjoying the sun and sand.

20130909_165934    20130909_170401

Madison playing on the beach!

20130911_093534 20130911_093541

Mommy and Madison.


Surf fishing in the mornings!!!

20130911_094122 20130911_094136 20130911_094151

Madison helping daddy reel in the big ones!

20130911_094828 20130911_094833 20130911_094838 20130911_094845

20130911_102818 20130911_102912

Having fun at the park!

20130911_164535 20130911_171003

Madison playing on the slide.

20130911_171419 20130911_171523 20130911_171534

Madison loves the playground!

20130911_172613 20130911_173229

Family Pictures on the beach.

IMG_7167 IMG_7178 IMG_7184 IMG_7186   IMG_7189 IMG_7188editIMG_7203 IMG_7209

Stay tuned for our next post coming in a few days!