Space A Flying

Our family has successfully attempted Space A travel!  Space Available travel is a great program for Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retired and their eligible family members. Basically you can catch flights carrying cargo to other military bases. The flight schedules are usually 3 days in advance but there are no guarantees you will have a seat (and for us we need 4) and they can be very unpredictable. So this is how our first Space A went…..

We decided to drive to Dover AFB to try and get a flight. We took the RV so we would be prepared to wait or get up and go whenever something was ready. We saw that there were flights to Germany, Spain, and Travis CA that week. Wednesday morning we woke up and saw that there would be seats available for a flight to Spangdahelm Germany and only had hours to decided if we wanted to hop on that flight. Jon quickly got his international drivers license, called our credit card company to let them know we would be in Europe, and finished all the little details before we left. While I looked up hotels, things to do in Germany and finished packing our bags. We just got done in time and bam we were flying to Germany! For the low price of $16 (the cost of our meals)!

When we got to Germany we still had not booked a hotel or rental car. We also found out that we would not be able to use the commissary to buy food/supplies (only active duty allowed). Time to go with the flow! Luckily the base housing had a 3 bedroom apartment for us that night. Since there were no cars to rent nearby we ended up taking a shuttle to Ramstein AFB the next day. We got another 3 bedroom apartment and a rental car for our stay. Although our time in Germany was rainy and colder than we would have liked, we enjoyed the food and the culture.

Our highlights were:

-Driving on the Autobahn
-Celebrating Mommy’s 30th
-Eating schnitzel

Things we learned:

-When you are finished eating in Germany you need to actually ask for the check or else you will never get it!
-The normal time to eat dinner there is after 7pm. Most places to eat are closed or have a limited menu before that time.
-Madison likes “German milk”



Since the weather didn’t look like it was going to clear up we decided we wanted to try another location. Unfortunately we didn’t see anything on the upcoming schedule leaving from Germany but there was a flight back to Dover, DE. Then from Dover we saw there would be a flight to Spain we might be able to catch. Seems kind of silly to fly all the way back to Dover just to fly back to Europe days later BUT for free and for an adventure we were up for it! And again we scored seats and this time we were on our way to Rota, Spain.

Someone was a little jet lagged when we arrived in Spain…


This time we booked an apartment via homeaway (Thanks to the suggestion of our new friends Mike and Stephanie who we met during our Space A flight back from Germany). We also had an easier time renting a car and the weather was in the 70’s.

Our highlights were:

-Beautiful weather
-Cadiz and Seville
-Dinner at Sedona Bar & Grill & The Steakhouse
-Roaming around Spain without a GPS (Tons of traffic circles!)
-Walking along the ocean
-Mall in Cadiz (Except when Mason decided to throw up all over their carpet, ugh!)

Things we learned:

-The normal time to eat dinner is 8pm-10pm!
-Pizza is a popular food in Spain (or at least in the parts we visited)
-Restaurants don’t have kids cups, they give a 2 yr old a glass cup
-Its hard to find a bank
-French fries in an omelet is normal. (We thought they were messing with us!)


Our first day of exploring we drove to Cadiz….

The next day we roamed around Seville…

Beach day…


Other photos from our trip…

Our trip home…

It was a long trip home, with a short stop in Canada first. Then we landed in Charleston and had to get a rental car to drive back to Dover, DE. The kids did better than expected considering it was almost 2 days traveling via plane and car. What an experience Space A has been! We are so grateful for these opportunities as a family and we are looking forward to our next Space A travels. Italy and Hawaii are on our list!

What we are up to now…

We are home for the Christmas holiday as well as preparing for the Keystone Warriors Foundation 1st annual Gala in March.

We close on the house that we remodeled on Dec. 14th and we will officially be “homeless” again (although we have been living back in the RV for a few months now anyway). We have already looked at two possible investment properties for our next flip. Only time will tell.

Our trip to Disney is in 25 days!!!

Thank you to everyone who has kept our family in their prayers as we traveled abroad. We appreciate all the love and support!