10 Cons to traveling fulltime with kids

We have many people ask us “What is the hardest part about traveling with kids?” So here’s some of the things on our list, but if you are thinking about full-timing please know the pros completely out way the cons!  From helicopter rides, the famous skywheel and holding baby tigers in Mrytle beach to watching baby seals off the coast of Maine. Sunsets on the West coast to the lights of Las Vegas. Sailing in Rhode Island to pontoon boat rides on a lake in Colorado. Surf fishing in the Outer Banks to trout fishing in Yellowstone National Park. River walk in San Antonio Texas to Reversing Falls in Canada. Balloon festival in Nebraska to  Seafood festival in Key West, Fl. Adventures of a lifetime!


10 Cons to traveling fulltime with kids:


1. Long drives. Lets face it, kids can only take sitting still so long. You can go from having a great travel day to super meltdown in no time! Madison’s Kindle has been a lifesaver, highly recommend it for our fellow traveling families. But babies can only be entertained so much before its “Get me out!” time.

2. Messing up the routine. Kids actually love routine. My biggest advice when people ask us about full timing with kids is to TRY and stick to a routine. Bed times, nap times, eating times. But that’s not always possible. We attempt to drive during nap time and stop during meal time to get a break from the vehicle…but sometimes traffic takes over or someone needs to stop early for a diaper change and then you need to make up time.


3. Kids sleeping while driving (blessing then a curse). You finally stop after hours of driving, then the fun of checking in and setting up the camper begins….after all of that all you want to do is lay down and pass out BUT now the kids are ready to play!


4. Judgmental people. While some people say “That’s awesome, what a wonderful life for your family.” there are a lot of naysayers and people that like to put in their 2 cents. “Well where do they go to the doctor?” “What about school?” (My kids don’t even go to school yet!) and my favorite to date… “Aren’t you being a little selfish?” Yes, giving my children experiences and memories of a lifetime…how selfish of us as parents. Be prepared to let some things go in one ear and out the other!


5. Missing special events/holidays with loved ones back home. Although we try to work our schedule to make most events we can’t be home for everything. I was super sad when Madison wasn’t home for us to throw a 1st birthday party with family and friends. Although Sea world in San Antonio Texas was pretty amazing and we faced timed my parents to watch her dig into her first cake (ok really she just cried that her hands got icing all over them).


6. Making it home for special events. I know what you are thinking…wait didn’t you just say missing it was a con. Well yes I did. Truth is though, when you make it home for that holiday, that graduation, that birthday, that wedding…a lot of traveling, planning, and money probably went into it. Not to mention then you are back to square one and have to begin your trek all over again!

7. Space. Although lack of space has always been an issue, now that we have two kids it’s a daily struggle. We picked our rv when Madison was a month old. We thought “Look she is so small, she doesn’t take up much room.” So we opted for the rv with more living room/kitchen space. Now with 2 kids we had to remove one couch for Madison’s toddler bed

and our dinning room table for Mason’s pack-n-play and bouncer.DSC_2025
Needless to say we should have went with a bunkhouse rv so the kids would have their own room. And to think there are many full time traveling families that do it with 6 or more kids! God bless them, I can’t even fathom how they do it.
-Toys. Two different ages = two different types of toys

-Clothes. Kids grow in and out of sizes so quickly. I actually get excited when Mason and Madison grow out of something (toys included) so I can donate it or send it to someone I know who has a child that could use it. One less thing in the camper! We try to only have what we will need in the camper until we make it home again and can switch sizes, winter vs. summer (depending on where we are going next). Right now we have a bunch of Disney princess dresses from our trip to Disney. Which im already looking forward to taking home in March to get that space in our closets back. I can do without the sparkles all over my stuff too!

– Kids cups, bottles, plates, bowls, utensils. Super cute to have your favorite character Disney plate (parents you know what im talking about) but they just don’t stack nicely! Although they also don’t break easily.
-Diapers. There is always a diaper box in the way. Also, it takes seconds for a poppy diaper to stink up the entire camper!


8. Adult adventures. While traveling (depending on your children’s age) you are going to miss out on that white water rafting trip, that bungee jumping experience, that off road 4×4 thriller. Although you just add that to your list of things to do when kids get older J .

9. No babysitters. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a fancy dinner out or a movie. So we take advantage when we visit family and friends because it might be awhile until we get alone time again! Now that’s not to say people don’t offer to watch your kids. I cant count how many times we pull up to a camp ground and someone says “ Aww, I miss my grandkids, if you want me to watch them so you two can go out let me know” or “My daughter offers babysitting” Maybe you are more trusting then we are as parents but we don’t feel comfortable letting people we just met (people who can just pick up their camper and leave) watch our children. Although I do believe they would be fine with most of the people we meet, we just aren’t taking the chance!

10. Socialization. We are usually pretty busy with daily adventures as a family that we don’t really meet other kids as we travel. When we were flipping our last house Madison would play with kids in the neighborhood or we would schedule play dates with friends. Now we are always on the go and although our family bond is super strong sometimes kids just need to play with other kids. Jon says we should have more kids so they can play together, I say we just take them to a local park nearby! I am also hoping that as the kids get older and we stay longer at locations that they will make friends around the world and have awesome pen pals for life!

Thanks for letting us share a little more about our daily journey. Other full-time families we hope you will comment below if you agree or have anything to add!