Sea Trials

We had our sea trial on Wednesday March 9th. Sea trials for boats are similar to home inspections for houses, except more important since your life is literally riding on the boat. We chose to pick a surveyor who was a fourth generation boat builder and has been named in many magazines for his work. Unfortunately Teaya had to stay behind with the kids so they wouldn’t be distracting during the sea trial.

The day of the survey I (Jon) showed up about 2 hours early just to make sure no one showed up to warm the engine or any other last minute things. Looking back there was really no reason for that, however I was able to get some great pictures and enjoyed watching ducks and two bald eagles fly around.

By about 8:30 am everyone showed up and the fun began from 8:30-11 we tore apart the inside of the boat. Much to our surprise everything was labeled and marked and every manual was on board and neatly kept. We were buying from two doctors and it showed! During this time the only issues we found were 2 leaky hoses, one on the engine and one on the generator. Also one of the three radios didn’t work, and the radar was having a problem connecting.

At 11am we headed over to Skipjack to have the boat hauled and power washed so we could check the bottom for and defects or blisters. Once the power washing was done the pounding began. The surveyor takes a special hammer and taps the bottom of the boat listening for different sounds and hollow spots. 1,000’s of hits later everything passed the test and no problems were found. However we do need new bottom paint since the power washing took most of the paint off.

About 1 pm we took to the water to begin the sea trials. The first part was the engine and all systems related to that. We pushed the engine harder then anyone would normally do and found no issues other then the hose we mentioned earlier. About 2:30 the sails went up and the engine was turned off. This was by far the BEST part. The silence was amazing, and the sails were beautiful! They were also newer then anyone had expected which was a pleasant surprise. After sailing for awhile the day came to a close, and I already knew we were going to buy this boat!