Sailing expectations

Since Jon and I are new to sailing I wanted to do a post about our concerns and expectations for our new adventure. I thought it would be fun to be able to look back in a few months/years to see if we were on target with our thoughts or if we were completely clueless.

Teaya’s list:

1. Safety. Having two kids 3 and under who can’t swim is my biggest concern. We are doing everything possible to keep them safe: lifejackets, safety lines, harnesses, swim lessons, sailing lessons….but as a mom I have a feeling I am always going to be in panic mode when the kids are on deck.
2. Weather. While I am stoked for sunny days to lay out and get tan or perfect sailing days to feel the wind in my hair, not everyday will be paradise. There will be rainy days stuck below deck, there will be storms that will make me want to ditch the boat. Don’t get me wrong I love a good storm, just never experienced one by boat. Then there’s always hurricanes. Although we only plan to sail on nice days and plan to stay in MD until we become more experienced sailors, you never know what could happen.
3. Boredom. Since we are staying in Maryland for the summer will we get bored of staying in one spot? Jon and I are always looking for “What’s next?” and staying in one place for months isn’t like us. Although since sailing is so new to us and we have so much to learn I think sitting still will work out for us this time around.
4. Cost. Boats are one of the biggest money pits. Although I think we have a good understanding of this and are prepared for the costs, I am really concerned we will be dumping a lot of money into this adventure.  When something went wrong with the rv it usually cost a couple hundred dollars (or was under warranty because we bought new) but when something goes wrong with a boat you are more in the thousands to get it fixed.
5. Boating knowledge. We have been reading a lot of books on sailboats but I am looking forward to actually getting some hands on experience. I know I will probably use the wrong lingo and make a fool out of myself a few times. Heck I am sure experienced boaters are reading this as we speak thinking this girl has no idea! Also I am not looking forward to the first few times we dock on our own, fingers crossed we don’t become a huge spectacle.
6. Boat snobs. We haven‘t noticed it yet while on our boat (everyone has been friendly and helpful) but when we would go to boat shows we noticed that a lot of sailboat owners were quite snobby. Example: Sailboat owners that won’t associate with powerboat owners. Jon and I already made a pact not to become “sailboat snobs”.
7. Sea sickness. So far the only time I have felt sick was after getting off the boat. Jon and I already find ourselves swaying when we get on dry land from time to time.
8. Inherited issues. Our boat is 16 yrs old and although we had it inspected and it checked out good we already had a few issues arise.  Seems like everyday we are replacing something.

1. Making new friendships. I’m excited to be apart of the boating community. I hope our family can make friendships that last a lifetime.
2. Amazing sunsets and sunrises.
DSC_0204 20160401_192954[1]
3. Dolphins. My biggest anticipation is dolphins swimming at the front of our bow.
4. Visitors. While traveling via RV we seldom had visitors. Mostly we made our way to everyone we wanted to see. But there’s something about a boat and I anticipate we will have many visitors. Whether just for a day sail or overnight guests we look forward to sharing the lifestyle with our friends and family.
5. Fishing. One of my greatest memories growing up was fishing, crabbing, and clamming with my family in Delaware. I am excited to make those kind of memories with our kids!
6. Clear blue water. Although we will be staying in MD until we can make our way south, I am looking forward to the day we can jump from our swim deck into beautiful clear blue water!
7. Island hopping.  Different cultures, food, sights, sounds, smells….can’t wait to explore more of this world!
8. Family time. Life being a daily adventure with my family. Teaching our kids with hands on real world experience and making memories along the way.
DSC_0134 IMG_4838[1]

Jon’s list: (Simple and to the point)

1. Safety of the wife and kids
2. Running aground
3. Losing the mast at sea
4. Losing the rudder
5. Sinking
6. Lightning striking running electronics
1. Lots of fishing
2. Tanning
4. New friends
5. Scary moments
6. Family working as a team
7. Snorkeling
8. Less cell phones
9. Less Internet
10. More family time
11. Birds pooping on the boat (all the time)
12. Washing the boat
Birds pooping…
Washing the boat some more…