Congaree National Park

Our family planned a day trip to Congaree National Park in South Carolina. We walked the Boardwalk Loop Trail which is 2.4 miles round trip from the visitors center. The trail is stroller friendly and has a self guided pamphlet with information on sights you see on the walk. Madison loved spotting the numbers on the trail and hearing the “story” that went along with it. The Boardwalk Loop only took us about an hour, the kids fell asleep the last 20 mins of it. We saw TONS of spiders, lizards, centipedes, and many other insects. The kids were so loud in the beginning I think they scared off all the other wildlife.

If you visit:
-Be sure to stop in the visitor center, the Rangers and staff are very informative and helpful.
-This National Park is FREE to enjoy.
-Some people have recommended bringing bug spray but we didn’t have an issue.
-Definitely have water to hydrate! They do sell some at the visitors center.
-Pets are permitted on all trails but must be leashed.
-Bicycles are NOT allowed.
-They have 7 trails which range from 1.2 miles-11.7 miles round trip.

Thanks for a great visit Conagree! #Findyourpark