Untold traveling stories… laughs and ugh oh moments.

We have been full-time travelers for several years now and we share a lot of our adventures but some stories have been left untold. Until now… (in no particular order)

1. While in Spain we visited an enormous mall. Just before leaving Mason puked all over the floor in the perfume/make-up area. Two female employees who witnessed his projectile come over speaking very fast and here we are two Americans who speak little Spanish. My initial reaction is to clean it up (I was using a burp cloth). The ladies looked horrified and started talking even faster. We of course had no clue what they were saying, I continue to try and clean (my face is beet red). I keep saying “I’m so sorry, Lo siento”. I look at Jon, “Do I clean it? Do they not want me to clean it? I’m so confused”. They finally realize we don’t speak Spanish and attempt to speak English. We took from the conversation that they have someone they are sending up to clean the mess. We make a b-line for the door and pass a guy with a mop and bucket on the way out. Most embarrassing moment in my life for sure. Thanks Mason!

2. We were driving down the highway on our way to FL and our awning flew open. We had to put it back on with zip ties.  awning

3. When Madison was about 2 yrs old she figured out how to lock the camper from the inside while we were OUTSIDE!  I went in mom panic mode ready to break a window, but Jon being the level headed one talked to her from the other side of the door and got her to unlock it. From then forward we always had a spare key!

4. We found wires split underneath the camper. We played the what does that go to game? Turns out they were for our tv cable.


5. While staying on a military base we had quite the wake up call. It was the middle of the night and it was pouring outside. All of a sudden someone was beating on our door. Scared us half to death! Turns out it was a military police officer that was sent to warn everyone in the RV park that possible tornados were coming. He also told us to head to the storm shelter if the siren goes off. He wasn’t to happy about how long he had to stand in the rain until we got to the door. We never had to go to the storm shelter but it will be a night ill never forget!

6.  My second most embarrassing moment was while in Boston. We decided to have dinner at the Cheers restaurant, Madison was a few months old. This was the first time we realized we might not be able to eat out as easily. She completely lost it! Screaming and crying. I took her to the bathroom to try and calm her and change her. Its a super small bathroom and we were in the way of everyone trying to go in and out. Then Madison heard an electric hand dryer for the first time, she screamed bloody murder! I forgot my phone at the table so I had to walk back into the restaurant with people trying to enjoy their time at this iconic bar/restaurant with a screaming child to tell Jon we need to leave. Jon had just received his beer and left it full on the table. Thanks Madison!


7. A lot of times I use the Trip Advisor app to find things to do in the area. Recently it completely let me down! We were staying in Columbia, SC and saw there was a park .5 miles away. Pictures of beautiful fountains, swings and slides, beautiful views…lets go! Turns out those were old photos. There was NO water in any of the fountains, there was no longer a playground, and there were homeless people everywhere. It also felt very unsafe. The worst part was we went during the heat of the day and we were all tired and sweaty only to have to walk right back to our hotel. Needless to say I left an updated review on trip advisor!

8. Jon decided to name our mifi “FBI surveillance van”, so if anyone near us tries to find wifi it pops up on their device. While staying at a campground we over hear our neighbors saying they need to check and “clean up” their computer because the FBI is nearby. We had a good laugh!

9. Madison and I are in line to meet Jasmine and Aladdin at Disney World, Jon was pushing Mason around in the stroller (he was fine not meeting yet another princess). The line was taking forever so I was texting Jon back and forth. We entered a tiny room and were packed like sardines. I noticed there was a bad smell and texted Jon that someone around me stank. More waiting and the smell was getting worse. I leaned down to talk to Madison and realized my child was the smelly person! I texted Jon again “It’s Madison!”. He could not stop laughing. So now I waited 30 minutes and we are almost at Princess Jasmine. Do I stay or go?  We stayed and of course they kneeled down next to her to get a photo. I’m sure they smelled her poopy diaper (there is no way they couldn’t) but they smiled and gave her a hug. I will never let her live this one down!


10. For Madison’s 1st birthday we went to Sea World in San Antonio Texas. We were waiting for one of their many shows to begin and right in front of us we notice a man with a head full of lice. They are literally jumping off of his head and his wife was picking them out of his hair. It was disgusting! They ended up leaving because many people were starring. I wish that’s were the story ended. Later that day we were at another show and they were getting members of the audience involved in different ways. They then put a wig on one guy and wouldn’t you know it was the same guy with lice! YES we told staff of the situation right after and YES we always think twice about putting anything on our heads now that others may have used!


11. We love having guests on our boat but sometimes not everything goes as planned. We’ve had the generator stop work and it was too hot to go out sailing without it. We’ve had a bachelorette party and a storm came out of no where with 65 miles an hour wind. We’ve touched ground in a shallow spot (for about 2 seconds) while in the Sassafras river. Madison fell in the water during our boat re-naming party. Oh the joys of owning a boat.

12. Jon hooked up the hose to fill our water tanks on the boat. He then went below deck to do other tasks while it filled only to notice water coming in right above the microwave. Turns out there was a hose out of place that leads to the water tank. It was a quick fix but thank God he spotted it before he sent gallons of water into the boat!

13. On the RV when our black tank is full we always empty and then fill with water and empty again. Well Jon got busy and forgot he was filling the tank and lets just say the toilet over flowed.

14. We left Yosemite National Park and it lead us down a VERY windy road. I can count on one hand how many times Madison has thrown up (unlike her brother were I can’t count high enough) and this was one of those times. I almost caught it in time because when I looked back at her she was white as a ghost, but unfortunately with no where to stop at that moment she threw up all over the truck! Poor baby.


15. Getting ready to try and catch a Space A flight home from the UK we called the night before for a taxi ride to the terminal. We got the earliest ride available because there were several people trying to fly out that morning. The next morning we were early awaiting our ride. Our time came and went, we tried calling several times. There are no other taxi services on base. If it wasn’t for my cousin Alex who was stationed there we would have never made it to the airport and would have missed check in time. Thank you Alex for picking us up last minute, who knows when the next flight back would have came!


16. I told him not to drive in the sand, sure enough we got stuck!

17. Pipes freezing in winter… multiple days in a row.


18. We decided last minute to drive to Zion National Park. It was a little out of the way but we thought “why not?”. When we got there we found out that our RV was to long to go through the park and all the rv parks were full for a few days. We literally ate lunch at a restaurant nearby and left. We wasted hours and didn’t even get to enjoy Zion. That taught us to do more research before we go somewhere!

19. While out west we had to out run a forest fire. We found a military base that we could escape to, but we could still see all the smoke. We watched the news as the fire went the opposite way, we made a good choice going our direction!

20. Those who RV know there are grey tanks and a black tanks on a RV. Grey tanks are shower water/sink water. Black tanks are everything that goes in the toilet. While boon-docking we needed to let out some grey water. Normally at an RV park it would go into the drain you are connected too but being that we were boon docking, we were not hooked up and it was just going to go on the ground. It was night time and it was raining. Lets just say Jon pulled the WRONG handle. As soon as he noticed the smell he shut the handle…lesson learned and he never pulled the wrong handle again!IMG_8459


We love traveling full-time and wouldn’t change a thing but please know that with all those great moments you see us post about… behind the scenes we had tantrums, tears, blowouts (tires and diapers), dangerous moments, embarrassments, and mistakes.

Please share your funny/embarrassing/ugh oh moments below. We’d love to hear from you!