Change of plans

Our family has had a huge change of plans. Our last post was about our next adventure; that we would be sailing down the ICW to Florida and then to the Bahamas and beyond. We spent an AMAZING first week in Worton Creek, St. Michaels, and Soloman’s Island, MD. IMG_20161106_135245.jpg

I was just about to sit down and write a post about a great first week when we got news that would change everything. Our wonderful tenants that have been occupying our home while we travel gave us 3 months notice that they would be moving out. Now while this was not a surprise (we knew they would be moving in the next year or so), we did not anticipate that they would be moving in the winter time. There were many factors that added to our decision but our gut feeling was that God did not want us to sail Fidelis south this winter. We had sign after sign and we finally accepted that His plan was not the same as ours.

Since then our life has been in a sort of limbo. We decided to sell our house in Macungie (it should be for sale in the next week). Fidelis is also for sale, if she sells it was meant to be and if she doesn’t we will take her south next fall. We will let God decide. We have moved back into our RV while we get through these transitions.

We hear a lot how “lucky” we are to travel so much. We completely agree (lucky and blessed) and wouldn’t change it for anything BUT we do think its important to share the not so fun times of our lifestyle as well. Right now is one of those times. Some of the challenges we faced since changing our winter plans…

1. We  fully stocked Fidelis with food, clothes, drinks, etc. for our trip south. Since we put her for sale we spent a full day moving everything from the boat to the RV. It was exhausting and to be honest it was also depressing. Moving everything from a 45ft 3 bedroom boat to a 35ft one bedroom camper was tricky. In the end we made everything fit.

2. We had all summer clothes. We were planning to be in Florida and the Bahamas with warm weather…not PA for a full blown winter. Luckily since we celebrated Christmas early we used our gift card from Mom and Dad Essig to buy everyone winter wardrobes. All of the kids summer clothes will most likely get donated because I doubt they (especially Mason) will fit it them by summer.

3. Tight spaces. We have definitely outgrown our RV but for now we need to make the best of it.

Ok here comes the worst part…

4. Our camper had MULTIPLE mice living in it while in storage. They had gotten behind several drawers, into the pullout couch mattress, into the heating vents and ducts. They peed and pooped EVERYWHERE. If you learn anything from our experiences let it be: If you need to store your rv make sure that you put rodent killer throughout your rv! Luckily we could stay at my parents house while Jon (with the help of my dad) cleaned the RV inside and out for a few days. We bought a new mattress for our bed and just threw out the mattress for the pull out couch since we don’t need one right now. The carpets were steam cleaned several times. Jon ended up replacing all of the heating ducts. Cleaning supplies were our best friends. What a mess!


Please don’t feel sorry for us. In the past 365 days we have been to Germany, Spain, Disney World, Hawaii, United Kingdom, West Virginia with friends, all over the East coast, New Orleans, and we spent the summer on a sailboat. Life is GOOD! We are just in-between whatever comes next.

So what’s next? We have a few ideas but we haven’t committed to one just yet. Some options:

1. Flip another house
2. Space A travel
3. Buy a house and settle down
4. RV travel again
5. A combination of above

Right now we are committed to PA for the month of November and we are going to see what path God puts in front of us after that!

Recent photos of our time so far in PA: