I’ve been neglecting and frankly straight up avoiding our blog. Since we had to scratch our plans to go south in Fidelis this past winter I haven’t had much to write about. The good news is we are now back on track and ready to travel! The GREAT news is we are keeping Fidelis! We have been living in the rv for a few weeks while looking for marinas to stay at. IMG_20170310_155444

After much searching we decided we don’t want to commit to one location this spring/summer and we will instead be cruising up and down the east coast on our sailing vessel. Fidelis will be put back in the water in April.

Now we are currently enjoying Maryland while we wait to launch Fidelis. Since Mason is getting bigger Jon decided to install a bunkbed in the rv. The kids LOVE their new beds! Adding the bunk beds also freed up some living room space which is another plus.



What lies ahead…
We are going to continue traveling via RV, sailboat, and Space A. In addition we will be using our credit card perks and points for hotels, commercial flights, and experiences. Our goal is to share traveling tips, ideas, knowledge, and inside information in hopes that others can enjoy their travels too.

I (Teaya) will be blogging on this site about each town/city we visit. Where to stay and eat, things to do and see! What it cost and how to save. You can also get updates on our fb page.

Jon will be using our YouTube channel to showcase our day to day life. You will get an up-close glimpse at what it’s like to live on a boat. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for updates!

Jon and I both upload to our Instagram. Sharing photos of our amazing travels.

We appreciate all the love and support along the way. This blog started out as a way to hold onto our memories as well as to update our friends and family but we are so glad that it has become a useful tool to others who want to rv, boat, Space A fly, or just travel in general. We hope to continue encouraging people to get out there and enjoy this amazing world and life we have been given!

Stay tuned to more adventures @TravelingwiththeTompkins!