Ritz Carlton Philadelphia

Our Ritz Carlton credit card gave us 2 free nights at a Ritz Carlton for meeting the minimum spend (tier 4 and below). I randomly said to Jon “when do they expire?”. Turns out we had one week left to use them!

We called to book the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park, NY but after talking to the lady on the phone she convinced us that we could also use one of our upgrade certificate (we were sure you couldn’t use both at one time). This upgrade would allow us to have club lounge access(food and beverage) and a club level room. The only catch was that it would have to be a tier 3 or below hotel. Therefore we decided to book the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia which is a tier 3. She sent us a confirmation email and we packed for our trip.


We were SO excited for a mini getaway without the kids and ready to enjoy a little luxury. I will admit our expectations were high after our amazing trip to the Ritz Carlton New Orleans last year. Unfortunately we found this location to be a huge let down and it left us wondering if staying at a Ritz Carlton is really worth the money. If this would have been our first experience we would never visit a Ritz again.

I planned on writing a rave review when we got back (just like our last stay at a Ritz) but unfortunately I am struggling on finding a lot of positive things to say about this location. Yet after seeing the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused in Texas this past week, a bad hotel stay seems very insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  Therefore instead of dwelling on and on with a long complaint review I am just posting the bullet points.

The Pros:
– Amazing views of the city from our room on the 29th floor.IMG_20170830_154534
– Close vicinity to City Hall, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall.IMG_20170830_154048
– Mimoza: A club concierge team member in the lounge, the only one to go above and beyond and to take time to acknowledge us.
– The food in the lounge was tasty and beautifully displayed.IMG_20170830_154809
– Chocolates by the bedside at night (ok, I’m stretching for nice things to say)

The Cons:
– Bell hop was to busy talking to help us with our bags
– Wrong reservation: by fault of the person who took the phone reservation, not the hotel itself. After e-mail proof and dealing with the manager for over an hour the hotel finally made it right. They didn’t make it easy though.
– Dirty room: Cleaning product left by the tv, candy wrapper and dirt all over floor.
– Asked for someone to come vacuum our room, that never happened.
– The club lounge was quite small and the attendants don’t keep after it. You have search them out for another drink (as opposed to our experience in New Orleans where they brought you another glass before it was empty). They took forever to clear plates and clean up after people that had left. Crumbs and trash on the chairs and the floors. Again just not what we have in mind when staying at a Ritz Carlton.
– 1 out of 2 days we got our requested wake up call.

We do plan on giving Ritz Carlton another chance in the future and hope our stay will be similar to our trip to New Orleans.

Have you been to a Ritz location that you highly recommend? I’m thinking about Reynolds, Lake Oconee in Georgia for our next visit. It seems family friendly and we want to take the kids next time around. We are still up for other location suggestions though. Please share your RC memories below….